Op-comic: ‘Good vibes only’ or just buying more junk? A self-care quiz

"Have you been seduced by 'spiritual consumerism?' A quiz" text with sparkles, an avocado and crystal around it.
"1. You've got an article of clothing that says 'Good Vibes Only'" text with a drawing of two people in a clothing store

"2. You've taken a pic with an angel wing backdrop" text with a drawing of a line of people in wide-brim hats at a wall mural

"3. You've bought at least 900 self-help books" text with a drawing of a person with heart eyes looking at a book


"4. You can't imagine life without avocado toasts and matcha latte" text with a person in good vibes hat buying both for $50

"5 You've used the hashtag too blessed to be stressed at least once" text with a person taking a selfie in a bathtub

"6 You've blamed a bad day on mercury being in retrograde" text. A broken scooter and phone and other chaos surround a person

"7 You've found yourself in midst of questionable cultural appropriation" with people doing yoga saying "Ommm"

"If you answered 'yes' to most of them you've caught the spiritual consumerism bug!" Two people with arms full of stuff


Yao Xiao is a cartoonist, illustrator and author of the graphic novel “Everything Is Beautiful, And I’m Not Afraid.” Elizabeth Su is the author and creator of “The Adventure Tarot.” @heyelizabethsu @yaoxiaoart