Hooking up with the presidential candidates in a new cartoon format

What if there was Tinder for political candidates? How would that work out? Well, my new video offers an answer.


When you think about it, picking a president is not that different from picking someone to meet for a drink at a bar -- and, maybe, a relationship. Voting is a gut reaction as much as an intellectual exercise. As proof of that, consider the two men currently leading the Republican race for president, Donald Trump and Ben Carson. It is personality, not policy, that has driven them to the top.

There is an app for hooking up in the social world; it’s called Tinder. With Tinder on your cellphone, you can review the faces of fellow Tinder users who are in close proximity to your location. Reject the prospects who don’t appeal to you with a swipe to the left. If you see someone appealing, swipe right and set up a place to meet.

My new video above shows how it would work out if you could do that with political candidates.


An ambition of mine for quite some time has been to take my political cartoons beyond their static state and bring them to life. Today, I’m giving it a shot. I hope you enjoy it. There will be more to come.