How is Donald Trump affecting American culture?

Donald Trump, the real estate mogul turned politician, has upended the election conversation like no other recent candidate. Whether he wins or loses the Republican nomination, his run for president is unarguably one for the history books.

To better understand and explain Trump's impact, we asked you what you think about him. We received over 700 responses from Republicans, Democrats and independents across the country. Here are some of them.

"He is demolishing political correctness while unmasking the status quo, the GOP sellouts and the Democrats. He is the only one in the current campaign who cannot be bought or sold."

-Bernardo Medina, Bayonne, N.J., Republican

"Trump is being very devious in his comments that attack people of both genders, and divides people against each other. This is not the America that we love."

-Edward Sora, Weed, Calif., independent

"Since a large segment of the American population is enamored of all things celebrity, I think he has adopted the 'reality TV' format in his campaign that so many people love.  It has been very effective."

-Midge Bradford, Bakersfield Democrat

"I believe Mr. Trump is giving the average American a voice -- something that we have not had for a long time. The GOP is currently controlled by a few rich, arrogant politicians who believe average hard-working citizens are ignorant and incapable of making informed decisions. A vote for Mr. Trump gives that voice back to America and takes it out of the hands of the elite few."

-Wanda Paden, Black Canyon City, Ariz., independent


"Trump is speaking out for a certain class of Americans feeling alienated by the current milieu. Trump's impact is derived from his plain speaking style, amplified by social media, which is creating a new discourse."

-Alan Lopez, Oakland independent

"It is surprising that Americans are so desperate for change that they will seriously consider a guy with no temper control or filter on his mouth as president. I think it is a reflection of the desire for something to happen instead of the stalemates we see these days."

-Sasha Brown, Vail, Ariz., Republican

"He is stirring up a lot of emotions. He has a right to say what he believes. People who don't like him are causing most of the problems. They need to just shut up and vote for who they want to."

-Annette Hyams, Janesville, Wis., independent

"Trump promotes bigotry and racism. He encourages indecency and uncivil actions by giving license to attitudes that engender conflict and friction."

-Nancy Garret, San Francisco Democrat


"I think he's woken some people up to see the damage that's already been done to the fabric of America by allowing illegal immigrants to remain and take up the jobs that should have been protected by our government."

-Maija Collins, Albany, N.Y., independent

"Many Americans feel a breath of fresh air because someone is finally just saying what most people think anyway."

-Steven Eldred, Battle Creek, Mich., Democrat

"He is getting people engaged in what is really going on in the world. I am colorblind when it comes to people, and I believe he is too. Why does the left continue to carry the race card when there are so many issues facing our world?"

-Susan Cirocco, Columbus, Ohio, Republican

"Making an utter mockery of American politics and America."

-Andrew Masset, Roswell, N.M., independent

"His activities seem to be focusing our attention on the corrupt establishment that has control of this country. Example: Bill, Hillary and Barack don't shill for Wall Street; they carry water for Wall Street. Maybe the election of Donald might tip us over the edge and initiate some real reform."

-Robert Beamish, Winslow, Ariz., Democrat

"The effect that Donald Trump is having on American culture right now is that it has at last become socially acceptable to be intentionally ignorant and to disdain the need to become informed. When did simple decency become intolerably PC? Answer: when Trump came to town. The worst lies ahead. He seems to be solidifying a base that will become durable, possibly permanent. He is so repugnant, divisive and destructive of our national character that I believe his stain upon us will be indelible."

-Daniel Fletcher, Lake Arrowhead independent

"Look at the headlines -- Trump gets active verbs and first page above the fold when he wins, and Clinton gets Page 13 and passive verbs. It's biased and unforgivable. The media is totally responsible for the monster they've created."

-Beth Kennedy, Los Angeles

"He is upsetting the apple cart -- making people think about where this country is headed if the status quo is maintained. People are interested in voting because there might actually be a choice and a chance to make America great again."

-Cindy Ross, Sheridan, Wyo., Republican

"No one believes the media anymore. It is sad how unfair and undemocratic the election has become. 'America first' should be the slogan. We must all work hard to make America great again. People are waking up."

-Dhishani De Silva, Princeton, N.J., independent

"He brings out the absolute worst in many people. By his outrageous ideas and manner, the rest of the world must think we have a madman about to take over the country, with the population's blessing."

-Robert Greteman, Fresno Republican

"Donald Trump has opened up a dialogue with American voters about our national debt and what he believed can be done about it. People are amazed that somebody can talk openly about our issues."

-Donald Prolinered, Los Angeles independent


"He is giving us hope. The Democrats/liberals are power-hungry and all lie to us. The Republican Party is the sorriest I have ever seen. Mr. Trump is what we are. Not liberal and not conservative, but somewhere in the middle."

-Mary Donhauser, New Braunfels, Texas, independent

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