What do Trump’s supporters see in him?

Donald Trump at a rally Friday in Orlando, Fla.
(Carolyn Cole / Los Angeles Times)

Donald Trump has attracted voters from all walks of life. But he has done particularly well with high school-educated, middle-class, middle-age white voters.

Here are some snapshots:

(Lisa Mascaro)

Bruce Everitt, 64, retired police officer, Vietnam veteran, at home in Edgefield, S.C.

“You can see our country has definitely gone downhill. I’m sure he’ll be able to get jobs and put people to work and get this country going again.”

(Lisa Mascaro)

Sam Britt, 24, welder, and Courtney Miller, 23, corrections officer, at a Trump event at a gun range in McDonough, Ga.

“Being middle class is the worst to be,” said Miller. “You’re not low enough to get anything, but you’re not high enough to have what you want.”

“You work 40 hours a week and you’re barely scraping by,” said Britt. “He says it how it is. I think he’s going to make America great again.” 

(Lisa Mascaro)

Kimberly Dial, employment agency operator who organized an event for Trump supporters at a gun range in McDonough, Ga.

“This is the first time I’ve felt excited about a presidential candidate since Reagan. He speaks his mind. He’s not politically correct ... not worried about who he offends.”

(Lisa Mascaro)

Steve Ramey, 66, tea party leader and Vietnam veteran, at a Starbucks near Lilburn, Ga.

"I think many of us are in mourning. We’re mourning for the country we used to have that doesn’t exist anymore.”

(Lisa Mascaro)

Johnny Runyan, 50, a third-generation woodworker, and his wife, Heather Runyan, 41, a hairstylist, voting in Marietta, Ga.

"We feel the Republican Party is not representing us,” he said. “They’re representing special interests and the fat cats and that’s what we are totally against. We want the Republicans and the Democrats to work together for the good of the country. We feel Donald will take the center.”

Heather added: “It’s so childish. I would like to send a pallet of Pampers to Washington.”

“I’d rather take my chances on something I’m not sure of ... than doing the same thing over and over again,” he said. “We don’t hate anybody. We want to be heard.”

John R. Williams, retired Savannah River nuclear plant worker, Edgefield, S.C.

“He’s the only one who tells the truth.”

(Lisa Mascaro)

Marilynn Whaley, 80,  a retired market analyst in Stockbridge, Ga., on Trump’s trash talk.

“Trump can get away with it.”

Nick Stratton, plumbing contractor/designer, Waltersboro, S.C., at a Trump rally.

“I want someone to tick them off. He’s got no reason to go up there and conform. Think of the ego he’s got. His ego is the biggest thing and it’s going to make him a success.”

(Lisa Mascaro)

Wayne Waters, retired butcher, with Joe Cato, a truck driver, on election day in Edgefield, S.C.

“The middle class is working for everything that is paying for everything for free,” said Cato.

“Enough bull, I voted for Trump, too,” Waters said. “He’s going to change things, I hope. The main reason, he’s not a politician.”

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