Bad puns? Check. Standing in the polls? Not yet for GOP presidential hopeful Thaddeus McCotter

Thaddeus McCotter, a congressman from Michigan, wants to be president of the United States and he’s ready to use a plastic fork, sugar packets and cut up fruit to get there.

The long-shot GOP candidate is protesting his lack of inclusion in an upcoming nationally televised debate by producing a short video, with a shaky handheld camera, in which he wields various kitchen props to make his case. (Watch video below.)

Holding up a piece of fruit skewered by a plastic fork, McCotter said he thought that “one of the fruits” of competing in the upcoming Ames Straw Poll in Iowa would be acceptance to the debate.

As he later wagged a packet of sugar, he said, that if voters “are not allowed to hear new messages, I think it might leave them with a bit of a saccharine taste in their mouths.”


He continues by pointing at a gas stovetop, insisting the public should have “the range of options in front of them” at the debate.

McCotter lingered after each successive pun, before concluding with a presidential: “Thanks, dude.”