Rick Perry plays for Iowa's evangelical vote with new TV ad

He may be down in the polls but Rick Perry still has more money to spend than most of his rivals.  On Thursday he went on the air in Iowa with a 30-second TV spot aimed directly at that state's potent bloc of evangelical Christian conservatives, expected to cast half the votes in next month’s caucuses.

"Some liberals say that faith is a sign of weakness. They’re wrong," Perry says, looking straight into the camera.

The Texas governor goes on to say that "we all need God’s help."  He adds:  "I’m not ashamed to talk about my faith."

Perry also has a new ad up that pitches the need for more domestic energy exploration and blames "Washington" for the nation's failure to break its addiction to imported foreign oil.

Mitt Romney's campaign announced he has also launched a paid advertising campaign in Iowa, with an ad that is largely the same as the new spot in New Hampshire.

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