Win or lose, Obama says 2012 race is his last

Washington Bureau

Whether he wins a second term or not, President Obama said the 2012 election is the last time voters will see his name on a ballot.

“This is my last campaign, so I’m going to put everything I’ve got into it,” he told guests Monday night at a private-home fundraiser in Coconut Grove.

Sounding a bit wistful, Obama suggested that his family wouldn’t have minded all that much had he never sought the job in the first place.

“Frankly, Michelle would have been happy if I had just kept on teaching and writing books,” Obama said. “And the girls, they’re just happy wherever they go -- they are just thriving.”


So, if things go well for him in November 2012, Obama’s career in elective politics will end at the close of his second term. And if he’s forced out after one term, don’t look for him to try again.

In either case, he’ll be a youngish ex-president with ample time on his hands to write and teach -- which should please the first lady.