Staff changes in offing for Jerry Brown administration

OAKLAND -- The Jerry Brown administration has long been a Spartan affair.

Brown boasts that he has cut costs in the governor’s office by 25% since 2011. Staffers in his inner circle, even veterans of previous administrations, are often visibly harried and comment on the constant multitasking they must do compared with similar jobs under previous governors.


Already, Brown’s top administrative aide, Jim Humes, has moved on, receiving a judicial appointment from the governor. In typical Brown fashion, with his less is more ethos, there are no current plans to replace him.

It seems that more changes may be in the offing for Brown’s senior staff.


The governor’s press office may soon be getting a new face. For weeks, rumors have swirled over the future of Brown’s top press aide, Gil Duran, who first worked for Brown in the Oakland mayor’s office. When asked about Duran’s future Tuesday, Brown hinted that a change could be coming.

“I have no comment on that today,” Brown said. “Maybe later, but nothing today.”

Duran was not immediately available for comment.

There have been other high-level changes in recent weeks. Julie Henderson, a senior policy advisor, is also leaving the horseshoe, the nickname given to the governor’s Capitol office.



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