Democratic debate: Warren brushes off Harris’ call to kick Trump off Twitter

Democratic debate
Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren in the Democratic debate.
(Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images)

California Sen. Kamala Harris taunted Elizabeth Warren in Tuesday’s Democratic presidential debate, challenging the Massachusetts senator to join her in demanding that Twitter shut down President Trump’s account.

In a discussion of curbing the power of big technology companies, Harris turned to Warren and said she was surprised she disagreed with her on the issue. Harris accused Trump of using his Twitter account to threaten witnesses, whom she did not identify, and obstruct justice. “He and his account should be taken down,” she said.

The 12 top Democratic presidential candidates sharply criticized each other over healthcare, gun control and anti-trust policy on the Ohio stage where they met for the fourth Democratic primary debate.

Oct. 16, 2019


“I don’t just want to push Donald Trump off Twitter; I want to push him out of the office,” Warren said before pivoting to her plan to break up Amazon, Facebook and other big tech companies.

Harris kept pressing. “You can’t say you’re for corporate responsibility if it doesn’t apply to everyone,” she told Warren.

Warren continued ignoring Harris’ challenge, turning next to campaign money. “We should ask if people are taking money from the big tech executives,” Warren said, avoiding any direct statement on Silicon Valley’s longtime support for the California senator and other rivals onstage at the CNN debate.