Commentary: Spend Labor Day in LGBT-friendly Laguna

I am sure hundreds of people from the LGBT community will be at South Laguna’s gay-friendly beach over Labor Day weekend. Laguna Beach’s largest expanse of sand is an internationally recognized beach with volleyball, portable restrooms and plenty of room for Frisbee, football and the traditional gathering near the surf.

September and October are fondly called Indian summer, since Santa Ana weather conditions often bring days that are hotter than the actual summer.

With the West Street Beach now on Facebook, You Tube, Yelp and other sites, word is spreading about this beautiful place. The Main Street Bar & Cabaret will have dancing Friday and Saturday nights and karaoke Sunday and Monday nights, and the Koffee Klatch next door will be busy too.

Laguna’s many restaurants offer a wide variety of food, and its dozens of art galleries are worth seeing.


Treasure Island Park, a 10-minute walk or drive north, is one of the most beautiful areas in the world, with picnic tables though no barbecues. The intimate Village Green park, one block south and one block east of the West Street intersection, offers tables and barbecue braziers.

Don’t miss this. The biggest weekend of the summer at gay-friendly West Street Beach in South Laguna.

R0GER CARTER lives in Laguna Beach.