Keen means business, wins The VIC

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The success of the 40th celebration of the World Championships of Skimboarding - also more commonly locally as, The VIC, had everything to do with teamwork.

That is the sentiment of Victoria Skimboards of Laguna Beach owner and co-founder Tex Haines. Victoria skimboard employees, local volunteers and sponsors all played a key role in the two-day event held Saturday and Sunday at Aliso Beach in Laguna Beach.

Oh, and the event also got a helping push from good surf conditions.

The contest also featured a new, live scoring system (Matthieu Thibaud of Victoria Skimboards) that was broadcast live worldwide (arranged by Kyle McClure, brand manager for Victoria Skimboards).


“I do not think we could have asked for a better 40th,” Haines said. “It was a plethora of waves, a dearth of sand, an intimate soiree of sand, shorebreak and sun for all the diehard skimboard fans of the world, and especially Laguna.

“Thanks to the contestants who came from Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Northern California, Delaware, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Spain, Portugal and France.”

Austin Keen of Georgia, who was runner-up to the Pro Men’s title the last two years, broke through for victory Sunday. He beat out a slew of Laguna Beach athletes who took spots 2 through 8 in the division.

In the semifinals, Keen came up with a couple of big rides to score a come-from-behind win over Laguna’s Blair Conklin (third place). Keen then went on to get past Laguna’s Brandon Sears (runner-up) in the division final

The winner of the Pro Women division was Amber Torrelalba of Laguna Beach and Florida. Alexandra Badie of Laguna Beach was sixth.

Other Laguna Beach athletes to win their respective divisions were Naz Mir (Amateur Women) and Zack Henderson (12-14 age group division).


The VIC 2016 Results

Pro Men: 1. Austin Keen (Georgia); 2. Brandon Sears (Laguna Beach); 3. Blair Conklin (Laguna Beach); 4. Sam Stinnett (Laguna Beach); 5. Teddy Vlasis (Laguna Beach); 6. Tim Fulton (Laguna Beach); 7. Jake Stinnett (Laguna Beach); 8. Bill Bryan (Laguna Beach).

Pro Women: 1. Amber Torrelalba (Laguna Beach/Florida); 2. Erin Carpenter (San Diego); 3. Diana Rosa Cordova (Acapulco, Mexico); 4. Silvia Garavito (Florida/Colombia); 5. Jordan Sitea (Newport Coast); 6. Alexandra Badie (Laguna Beach).

Amateur Women: 1. Naz Mir (Laguna Beach); 2. Lynn Tanattanawin (Laguna Niguel/Thailand).

8-and-Under Division: 1. Elijah Brooks (Laguna Niguel); 2. Nico Lerum (Laguna Beach); 3. Tobias Brooks (Laguna Niguel); 4. Reef Applebaum (Laguna Beach).

9-11 Division : 1. Natsumi Yamashita (Japan); 2. Jude Young (Laguna Beach); 3. Zen Mir-Scaer (Laguna Beach); 4. Keanu Mir-Scaer (Laguna Beach).

12-14 Division: 1. Zack Henderson (Laguna Beach); 2. Joseph Schenk (Laguna Beach); 3. Griffin Kristensen (Laguna Beach); 4. Dane Cameron (Laguna Beach).


15-17 Division: 1. Eddie Dixon (Florida); 2. Gary Abdulla (Laguna Niguel); 3. Connor Brashier (Laguna Beach); 4. Matteo Mesinas (South Laguna Beach).

18-21 Division: 1. Jack Klingman (Maui, HI.); 2. Billy Howie (Laguna Beach); 3. Jake Smith (Laguna Beach); 4. Yuto Kishida (Japan).

22-24 Division: 1. Sean Malek (Laguna Niguel); 2. Bryson Brockman (Newport Beach); 3. David Dettman (Acton); 4. Zack Bowman (Virginia).

25-29 Division: 1. Simon Avedissian (Balboa); 2. Daniel Pardini (Hawaii); 3. Edward Oingerang (Hawaii/Guam); 4. Frankjie Orlando (Dana Point).

30-and-Up Division: 1. Zach Platt (Maui, HI.); 2. Dustin Woepse (Huntington Beach); 3. Bobby Suitcase (San Diego); 4. Clifton Volstoff (Santa Cruz).

40-and-Up Division: 1. Lance Brooks (Newport Beach); 2. Chris Henderson (Laguna Beach); 3. Brad Dickey (Laguna Niguel); 4. Sumner Miller (Pasadena).



Best Wipeout: Frankie Orlando

Best Barrel/Wave: Blair Conklin

Youngest Contestant: Tobias Brooks (age six)

Best New Talent: Natsumi Yamashita

Best Wave Amateur: Zack Henderson

2016 Sportsmanship: Jake Stinnett