Angels release 2020 schedule, will open on the road for the fourth straight season

Angels outfielder Mike Trout rounds the bases after hitting a two-run home run against the Boston Red Sox on Aug. 10 at Fenway Park.
Angels outfielder Mike Trout rounds the bases after hitting a two-run home run against the Boston Red Sox on Aug. 10 at Fenway Park.
(Billie Weiss / Getty Images)

The Angels will open their 60th major league season with a seven-game trip to Houston and Texas, marking the fourth straight year they’ll have opened on the road, and 16 of their 20 interleague games in 2020 will be against teams from the National League East.

The 2020 season opener will be on March 26 in Minute Maid Park, a game that could take on added intrigue and significance if the Angels can sign hard-throwing Astros right-hander Gerrit Cole as a free agent this winter.

After four games in Houston, the Angels and the Rangers will play the first regular-season games at the new Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas, on March 31-April 2. The Angels played the first regular-season games at two previous road ballparks — Seattle’s Kingdome in 1977 and Arlington Stadium in 1972.


The home opener in Angel Stadium will be on April 3 against Houston. The annual Freeway Series games against the Dodgers will be on Friday, July 10, and Saturday, July 11, in Anaheim, giving both teams the Sunday before the All-Star break off, and Aug. 25-26 in Dodger Stadium.

The Angels will host the Washington Nationals (May 11-13), Miami Marlins (June 9-10) and New York Mets (Aug. 18-20), and they play road interleague series in Miami (April 14-15), Atlanta (July 3-5) and Philadelphia (July 17-19).

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Aug. 11, 2019

The last time the Angels played in Citizens Bank Park in 2014, thousands of fans from Angels center fielder Mike Trout’s hometown of Millville, N.J., which is about 45 miles south of Philadelphia, attended the games.

The longest road trip of the 2020 season will be a 10-day, eight-game trip to Detroit, Miami and Houston from April 10-19. During a 29-day stretch from Aug. 13-Sept. 10, the Angels will play just three games outside of Southern California.

The Angels’ 2020 schedule

March 26 at Houston

March 27 at Houston

March 28 at Houston

March 29 at Houston

March 31 at Texas

April 1 at Texas

April 2 at Texas

April 3 Houston

April 4 Houston

April 5 Houston

April 6 Oakland

April 7 Oakland

April 8 Oakland

April 10 at Detroit

April 11 at Detroit

April 12 at Detroit

April 14 at Miami

April 15 at Miami

April 17 at Houston

April 18 at Houston

April 19 at Houston

April 20 Baltimore

April 21 Baltimore

April 22 Baltimore

April 23 Chicago White Sox

April 24 Chicago White Sox

April 25 Chicago White Sox

April 26 Chicago White Sox

April 28 at Seattle

April 29 at Seattle

May 1 Minnesota

May 2 Minnesota

May 3 Minnesota

May 5 at Boston

May 6 at Boston

May 7 at Boston

May 8 at Baltimore

May 9 at Baltimore

May 10 at Baltimore

May 11 Washington

May 12 Washington

May 13 Washington

May 15 Oakland

May 16 Oakland

May 17 Oakland

May 18 at Kansas City

May 19 at Kansas City

May 20 at Kansas City

May 21 at Kansas City

May 22 at Oakland

May 23 at Oakland

May 24 at Oakland

May 25 Cleveland

May 26 Cleveland

May 27 Cleveland

May 29 N.Y. Yankees

May 30 N.Y. Yankees

May 31 N.Y. Yankees

June 1 at Texas

June 2 at Texas

June 3 at Texas

June 4 at Minnesota

June 5 at Minnesota

June 6 at Minnesota

June 7 at Minnesota

June 9 Miami

June 10 Miami

June 12 Seattle

June 13 Seattle

June 14 Seattle

June 15 at Oakland

June 16 at Oakland

June 17 at Oakland

June 18 Texas

June 19 Texas

June 20 Texas

June 21 Texas

June 22 Boston

June 23 Boston

June 24 Boston

June 26 at Toronto

June 27 at Toronto

June 28 at Toronto

June 29 at Tampa Bay

June 30 at Tampa Bay

July 1 at Tampa Bay

July 2 at Tampa Bay

July 3 at Atlanta

July 4 at Atlanta

July 5 at Atlanta

July 6 Detroit

July 7 Detroit

July 8 Detroit

July 9 Detroit

July 10 L.A. Dodgers

July 11 L.A. Dodgers

July 17 at Philadelphia

July 18 at Philadelphia

July 19 at Philadelphia

July 20 at N.Y. Yankees

July 21 at N.Y. Yankees

July 22 at N.Y. Yankees

July 23 at N.Y. Yankees

July 24 at Texas

July 24 at Texas

July 25 at Texas

July 26 at Texas

July 27 Toronto

July 28 Toronto

July 29 Toronto

July 30 Seattle

July 31 Seattle

Aug. 1 Seattle

Aug. 2 Seattle

Aug. 3 Texas

Aug. 4 Texas

Aug. 6 at Seattle

Aug. 7 at Seattle

Aug. 8 at Seattle

Aug. 9 at Seattle

Aug. 10 at Chicago White Sox

Aug. 11 at Chicago White Sox

Aug. 12 at Chicago White Sox

Aug. 13 Houston

Aug. 14 Houston

Aug. 15 Houston

Aug. 16 Houston

Aug. 18 N.Y. Mets

Aug. 19 N.Y. Mets

Aug. 20 N.Y. Mets

Aug. 21 Tampa Bay

Aug. 22 Tampa Bay

Aug. 23 Tampa Bay

Aug. 25 at L.A. Dodgers

Aug. 26 at L.A. Dodgers

Aug. 28 at Seattle

Aug. 29 at Seattle

Aug. 30 at Seattle

Aug. 31 Texas

Sept. 1 Texas

Sept. 2 Texas

Sept. 3 Texas

Sept. 4 Kansas City

Sept. 5 Kansas City

Sept. 6 Kansas City

Sept. 7 Houston

Sept. 8 Houston

Sept. 9 Houston

Sept. 11 at Cleveland

Sept. 12 at Cleveland

Sept. 13 at Cleveland

Sept. 14 at Houston

Sept. 15 at Houston

Sept. 17 at Oakland

Sept. 18 at Oakland

Sept. 19 at Oakland

Sept. 20 at Oakland

Sept. 22 Seattle

Sept. 23 Seattle

Sept. 24 Seattle

Sept. 25 Oakland

Sept. 26 Oakland

Sept. 27 Oakland