Former Angels outfielder Jim Edmonds feeling better after coronavirus diagnosis

Jim Edmonds sits with his family during a game between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Pirates in 2012.
(David Welker / Getty Images)

Retired Angels and St. Louis Cardinals outfielder Jim Edmonds reported late Wednesday that he had tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

In an video shared on his Instagram profile, Edmonds said he was “doing really well” and no longer exhibited symptoms of the COVID-19 disease. He surmised he must have been infected for several weeks before the diagnosis.

“Thank God I quarantined myself and listened to what everyone said and kept our curve at our home flattened,” he said.


Edmonds was admitted to a hospital for testing Saturday — but only after he convinced health officials to do so.

“They didn’t want to test me,” he said, “and I forced them to take me into the emergency room.”

Edmonds, 49, was found to have pneumonia and had to wait several days for the results of the coronavirus swab.

Edmonds urged viewers of his video to take any symptoms related to the illness seriously.

“Do not take this lightly,” he said. “If you don’t feel good, go to the doctor or go to the emergency room if you can’t breathe, because that’s what happened to me.”

Edmonds, now a broadcaster for the Cardinals, called some spring training games but mostly kept to himself at Cardinals camp.

Cardinals president of baseball operations John Mozeliak said in a conference call Thursday he was uncertain if Edmonds was infected with the virus while he was around the team.

“As far as this running through the organization in any form — whether it’s on the players’ side or staff’s side — nothing to my knowledge,” he said.