Chris Paul jokes about getting crossed over by Stephen Curry

It happened in Tuesday's 110-106 loss to the Golden State Warriors.

Late in the second quarter, Stephen Curry did a crossover move on Chris Paul that sent the Clippers' point guard falling backward, landing awkwardly with one hand behind him as Curry went on to make a jumper.

The Warriors' bench immediately went nuts in celebration, and the Internet quickly followed.

Actor and comedian Kevin Hart, who is good friends with Paul, of course went on to send eight memes of the incident to Paul. The Clippers' all-star guard, in good humor, posted one of them to his Instagram account.

The photo depicts Paul in the same awkward position he was in after being victimized by the crossover, but he's on a 'Twister' board with children.

Paul apparently wasn't too embarrassed by the hoopla surrounding that crossover. After Tuesday's loss to the Warriors, he notched a season-high 41 points, 17 assists and only one turnover in Wednesday's come-from-behind 126-122 win over the Portland Trail Blazers, in which the team overcame a 19-point deficit.

After Wednesday's game, Paul was asked whether his monster performance was fueled by Hart's ribbing.

"Kevin Hart had nothing to do with me scoring 41 points," Paul said. "With every movie, everything possible, you find a way to make this game about him. I’m joking. I don’t think one had anything to do with the other.”

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