Watch Shaq trip on live TV during Clippers vs. Rockets halftime show

TNT's halftime show during Game 2 of the Clippers and Rockets second-round playoff series took a turn for the funny after Shaquille O'Neal bit it on live TV.

The not-so-spry 7-foot-1, 325-pounder tripped over a wire as he was running to TNT's big screen, and fell onto the ground, landing on his stomach with one shoe missing.

Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley went hysterical, falling all over themselves laughing. O'Neal had a sense of humor about the accident as well.

Tweeted O'Neal: "I almost broke my dam leg lol #downgoesshaq #shaqtinafall"

The former NBA superstar also tweeted a Vine of the fall, writing "Dam I'm clumsy."

And he issued a challenge to his fans, tweeting a meme of a WWE wrestler who appears to be Randy Orton taking him down with the following text:" Whoever makes me the best meme of me bustin my ass (like this one) wins $500 cash. Go. #shaqtinafall"

He then posted a meme that he labeled, "Maymeather vs shaqiou" of himself laid out on the floor after the fall with Floyd Mayweather Jr. lifting a glove in victory.

The Rockets went on to win Game 2 over the Clippers, 115-109, tying the teams' best-of-seven series at 1-1.