Watch Paul Pierce get booed after bouncing his first pitch at Dodger Stadium

Paul Pierce is a superstar athlete, but we recently learned that his talents are limited.

The Clippers’ small forward tried to throw the ceremonial first pitch at Dodger Stadium on Tuesday, but the ball bounced on the dirt.

Dodger fans were not very forgiving, and proceeded to boo the 10-time all-star mercilessly.


Even Clippers Coach Doc Rivers couldn’t help but scoff at the throw. TMZ showed Rivers the video on Wednesday, and the coach cringed before saying, “That is awful.”

On Thursday, Pierce explained to TMZ what went wrong.

“Listen, let me tell you about the first pitch, because usually the first pitch is something to start the game, but as we all know I’m one of the best finishers, not a starter,” Pierce said. “I’m like a relief pitcher ... that’s like asking a relief pitcher to come out in the first inning.”