Jamil Wilson and C.J. Williams are making the most of their two-way deals with Clippers

At no time did the Clippers or Jamil Wilson or C.J. Williams ever imagine that when they agreed to a two-way contract that it would lead to the two of them playing so much for the NBA team.

But here Wilson and Williams are, the two of them playing integral roles for the Clippers in their time of need.

Players who sign two-way contracts aren’t supposed to spend more than 45 days with their NBA teams and are to be with their affiliation’s development league team most of the time.

Wilson and Williams have played for the Agua Caliente Clippers of Ontario, but it has been their time with the big club that has been the most impressive.


Wilson, a 6-7 forward with a good shooting touch, made his fifth start in his 10th game for the Clippers against the Heat on Saturday night.

Wilson, who had nine points, never thought he would be playing this much with the Clippers after agreeing to a two-way deal.

“Uh, no,” Wilson said, laughing. “I thought there would be times they would put me in games to kind of showcase my talents and my skills and to see if it was something that would want them to further their interest. But I couldn’t tell you when I signed it that 20, 30 games later that I would be starting.”

Williams, a 6-5 guard who is a strong defender, played in his 16th game with the Clippers. He too never imagined he would be playing so much when he signed his deal in the summer.


“No,” Williams also said, smiling. “I didn’t think that I would get this much opportunity. I just knew that this was a great place to be, the organization was great. Everybody from the top down are good people in general. So it was just a great opportunity and I want to take advantage of it.”

Both Wilson and Williams know they are getting these opportunities because of injuries. Now it’s up to them to take advantage.

“You don’t ever want bad things to happen to people,” said Williams, who had nine points against the Heat. “But in this league especially, it’s next man up. Injuries happen and people need rest. I just have to make sure I stay ready and every time I go out there I put my best foot forward.”

“We’re actually worried that we’re going to run out of days with our two-way players because we’ve used them so much,” Clippers coach Doc Rivers said. “That’s been big. I think it’s been great for the team.



Austin Rivers missed his second consecutive game because of the NBA’s concussion protocol. Rivers, who suffered the concussion Wednesday night in Orlando, has passed all of the tests the NBA requires and will be available to play Monday night at San Antonio.

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