Clippers’ balanced offense creates headache for opposing teams


The retooled Clippers still have a multitude of scoring options that have made it more difficult for the opposition to defend them.

They have five players scoring in double figures and four more who are averaging at least 9.2 points a game.

They are led by sixth-man extraordinaire Lou Williams, whose 23.3 points a game lead the Clippers. He’s followed by Tobias Harris, who is averaging 19.4 points per game.

Danilo Gallinari (15.2), Austin Rivers (15.9) and DeAndre Jordan (11.8) round out the double-figure scorers.

Then there is Tyrone Wallace (9.8), Montrezl Harrell (9.3), Milos Teodosic (9.2) and Avery Bradley (9.2) providing scoring depth.

“We’re sharing the basketball,” Harris said. “Different guys are stepping up, and we’ve got a lot of scoring on this team. We have guys that can put the ball in the basket. We have great play from our bench. Everything is kind of spread out. But a lot of it is due to the teamwork, and that’s just finding the right guy and playing off whoever has got it going. The ball movement is key.”


For seven consecutive games, the Clippers have had at least five players scoring in double figures.

They had six score in double figures against the Phoenix Suns on Friday night and seven against the Golden State Warriors on Thursday night.

“It’s just movement and trust,” Clippers coach Doc Rivers said. “The ball is not sticking. Everybody trust everybody. We kind of have this ‘feed-the-pig principle.’ One gets going, and you stay with him. But even if you get it going, you still got to hit the open guy. They like playing that way. Everybody gets to touch the ball. It’s nice.”

And, perhaps more importantly, it has done wonders for team cohesion.

“It helps build teams, no doubt,” Doc Rivers said. “Like, if you are open and the ball comes to you and you return it the next time, passing is contagious. It really is. Our guards are doing it.”

Clippers clicking offensively

The Clippers have had an offensive explosion in their last three games. For the third consecutive game, the Clippers scored more than 120 points.


As a result, the Clippers are now averaging 108.6 points a game, seventh best in the NBA.

They are tied for ninth in offensive efficiency at 107.4.

“We’re playing at a great pace,” Doc Rivers said. “We’re spacing the floor. We’re advancing the ball. We’re scoring with three and four seconds sometimes in transition. Our whole thing is just keep putting pressure on the defense and make the simple play. And I think we’re doing that.”

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