Don Mattingly: Fatal stabbing of Dodgers fan part of larger problem


SAN FRANCISCO -- Manager Don Mattingly said he viewed the fatal stabbing of a Dodgers fan in San Francisco on Wednesday night as part of a global violence epidemic.

“It’s something that’s happening everywhere nowadays, isn’t it?” Mattingly said. “It’s like senseless. We see it all over the world, it seems like. Killing for no reason. It seems senseless to me.”

Asked if he thought there was an increase in sports-related violence in recent years, Mattingly replied, “It just seems like everywhere. You go from the D.C. thing to Africa to this, it’s just one thing after another. In the news, it’s just all the time. It seems senseless to me.”


Mattingly wouldn’t offer an opinion as to why there is so much violence.

“It’d be dime-store thinking,” he said. “It’s just guessing.”

Did Mattingly have a message for Dodgers fans?

“I think it should be all people, all fans,” he said. “It’s a game, you know? Leave it on the field.”