Dodger Stadium playoff parking is free for car pools of four or more

Fans stream into the Dodger Stadium parking lot.
(Richard Hartog / Los Angeles Times)

Did the Dodgers run this by Frank McCourt?

Free parking at Dodger Stadium.

That’s right, no dinero for any vehicle with at least four occupants during the rest of the postseason. Car pool and thrive.

The Dodgers announced their new policy Wednesday after recognizing how difficult, if not impossible, it was to accommodate all the cars for Monday’s sellout crowd for Game 4 of their division series against the Atlanta Braves.

They have not only recognized the problem, but are trying to do something about it. All while saving you 10 bucks. Renata Simril, team senior vice-president, external affairs, said in a statement:


“We know we had a parking issue during our recent National League Division Series win against Atlanta. We parked more than 20,000 cars and several hundred fans were unable to park at Dodger Stadium last Monday night. We reached our capacity and some fans without parking passes were directed off-site. We were very sorry about inconveniencing these fans and felt we needed to do something to address this problem.

“We urge all of our fans to rideshare or carpool and examine all alternative transportation methods to do their part. We hope our fans will take advantage of our free parking offer with four or more fans in a vehicle in hopes of reducing our traffic flow and the number of cars at Dodger Stadium. We want our fans to have a memorable experience during the postseason.”

McCourt, the former team owner renowned for owning Boston parking lots, still owns half the parking lots surrounding Dodger Stadium. He gets his $15 million a year for the lots regardless of income derived from parking fees.