Dodgers continue push for diversity with first scheduled LGBT night

The Dodgers will host their first LGBT night on Sept. 27.
The Dodgers will host their first LGBT night on Sept. 27.
(Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times)

Here’s a new one for those forward-thinking Dodgers:

They announced Friday they will host an LGBT night on Sept. 27.

In their announcement they never actually explained that LGBT stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender.

The team that broke baseball’s color barrier, that brought in the Hispanic community with Fernando Valenzuela and the Japanese community with Hideo Nomo, is now reaching out to the LGBT community.

They’ve come a long ways from when they kicked out a lesbian couple for kissing at a Dodger Stadium game in 2000.


“We welcome all fans to Dodger Stadium throughout each season,” said Dodger Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Lon Rosen in statement. “We are especially proud to welcome and recognize the LGBT community of Los Angeles, an integral part of the city and of the Dodgers community.”

The Dodgers have planned the night in conjunction with Tom Whitman and Flip Events. Fans can purchase tickets to the event at using the promotional code OUT. You can’t make this stuff up.

Included in LGBT Night Out at Dodger Stadium is a celebrity first pitch, the national anthem performed by a special guest with the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles.

“The Dodgers have been standing on the right side of history from the days of Jackie Robinson through today,” said Whitman, senior vice president Flip. “LGBT Night Out on September 27 will be an amazing night for baseball fans, for the LGBT community and everyone who is true blue.”

The Dodgers said it was the first of an annual event.