Watch: Dodgers fan drops his food twice trying to catch foul balls

It requires some luck to come away from a Major League Baseball game with a foul ball as a souvenir. But “lucky” really isn’t the best word to describe the Dodgers fan who left Oracle Park on Wednesday night with one foul ball, and had a very good shot at snagging another.

“Hungry” might be more accurate, after the poor guy lost two different meals while trying to catch two foul balls during the Dodgers’ 2-1 loss to the San Francisco Giants.

The first casualty was a bunch of fries and what appears to be a hot dog. Here’s the video — watch the dude in the blue Dodgers jersey:


If he had made a clean catch on his first attempt, he would have been fine. But having to make that forward lunge afterward cost him his dinner.

Still, after a bit of a scramble, he ended up with a genuine, game-used MLB baseball and didn’t look the least bit concerned about all the grub that got spilled on the empty seats in the row below.

“No problem,” he probably thought to himself. “I can always get a slice of pizza.”

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So he did just that. Then, in a most unlikely turn of events, a second foul ball came his way and our guy made a leaping effort to get a second keepsake from his night at the ballpark.

But the ball got away from him this time — and so did the slice of pizza.

The real hero in all of this may be the unfortunate woman seated in the row below, who had the most casual response to getting a lap full of pizza.

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