Dodgers’ run at Cliff Lee means they’re game for anything


So the Great Cliff Lee Acquisition comes and goes, sans Cliff Lee.

The Dodgers made the claim, the Phillies smiled and said “No, thank you.”

Sunday’s deadline to waive him to the Dodgers or work out a trade passed with Lee still a member of the Phillies. That would be Lee, and the $95 million remaining on his contract.

But the most important aspect isn’t that the Dodgers missed on Lee, but that they took a swing at him. That they were willing to eat a contract that pays him through 2016, when he will be 37 years old.

And if they’re willing to go after Lee and his inflated contract, the quick lesson is they’ll go after anyone. That no contract will scare off the Dodgers’ new owners.


This is another world from where they were the past few seasons while owned by Frank McCourt, who only managed to take one of baseball’s most prized franchises into bankruptcy.

The new owners want to make a statement, and currently the statement is they want to win now and money is not an obstacle. Like I said, another world.

Since most veteran players, particularly those with fat contracts, typically are put through the waiver process this month, the Dodgers may have other chances to attempt and flex their new financial muscle.

Quality, expensive starting pitchers on teams going the wrong direction from a postseason bid are in short supply. Do they really want to take a run at Josh Beckett (5-9, 4.54) and the almost $40 million he’s still owed?

Are they intrigued enough by first baseman Justin Morneau to look past his concussion issues and the $20 million he’s still owed? What if the Giants waive Tim Lincecum? Do they take a run at sore-armed Matt Garza?

All bets are on, in this new Dodgers universe.



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