GM: Dodgers haven’t made offers to Zack Greinke, other free agents

NASHVILLE – Ned Colletti declined to reveal many details on the Dodgers’ pursuit of Zack Greinke but said that his team hasn’t presented offers to any free agents.

“We try to line things up and push things to the point that it’s in their court to engage us in a serious negotiation,” Colletti said. “Unless you’re willing to walk away from somebody, you can’t really force that.

“When you’re prepared, if you like the fit here and want to be a Dodger, tell us and we’ll sit down and we’ll start. To just throw a number out without any pathway, to throw a number out without a plan to pursue an end, you’re just throwing numbers out that end up getting shopped. We like to get it in a track that can lead to a conclusion, whatever way it goes.”

Colletti said he saw Greinke’s agent on Monday, the first day of baseball’s winter meetings.


But speaking in general terms about the Dodgers’ free-agent targets, Colletti also said, “I think everybody’s doing due diligence and they’re going to be methodical. They’re going to take their time to make sure that everything works out right.”

In addition to Greinke, the Dodgers are known to be interested in Anibal Sanchez.


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