Are would-be Dodgers owners lining up to overpay? (Web links)


Frank McCourt dreams, maybe not like the rest of us, but he dreams. His dreams entail a buyer ready to plunk down at least $1.5 billion for the Dodgers, maybe even $2 billion. And while he’s dreaming, getting to keep the parking lots surrounding the stadium.

Yeah, not like the rest of us.

McCourt has reportedly submitted eight potential buyers to Major League Baseball, now vetting the financial backgrounds of each, before turning over its finalist back to McCourt to conclude his auction by April Fools’ Day (some things you just can’t make up).

Will he get the bid he dreams of? Stay tuned. But if the new owner is dropping $1.5 billion to $2 billion, sports business writer Darren Rovell of said there is no money to be made on the team.


Rovell said the team itself is still valued at $800 million and the property from $200 million to $300 million. Some have claimed this is less about buying the Dodgers than the TV rights.

Wrote Rovell: “Some will say it’s in the TV money, but it’s not there either. A deal with a network would yield about $150 million a year, but if the Dodgers start a regional sports network, they’ll likely be sharing at least 25% of the overall revenue, which would affect the rights fee.”

If it’s a vanity buy, it is one crazy purchase. And then you have to wonder about the impact down the line.

“If a bid is a stupid bid, do you think the owner wants to pump more money into the team?” Rovell asked. “If a bid is fiscally irresponsible, does it necessarily increase the value of all teams? No. It’s just an outlier.”

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