When L.A. icons converge: Magic Johnson reaches out to Vin Scully

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Vin Scully doesn’t think he’s ever met Magic Johnson, but when his phone rang Wednesday night, he didn’t have to be told who was calling.

“It was interesting,” Scully said. “When the phone rang and I picked it up, I recognized that voice. And as I told him, ‘If it’s possible, I can hear your smile.’ ”

See, Magic is not only smart enough not to have an introductory press conference announcing his group had won the bidding war for the Los Angeles Dodgers in New York, he’s smart enough to quickly reach out to the most cherished member of the organization.

Tweeted Magic on Thursday: “Last night I reached out to Vin Scully & acted like an excited little kid speaking to the LA icon.”

To be fair, however, Magic wasn’t the only one smart enough to quickly contact Scully. Frank McCourt called first, followed by future team president Stan Kasten.

It was not only the right thing to do, it was just plain smart.

“If so, I still appreciate it a great deal,” Scully said. “With everything else going on, they were all flying from New York back here. I knew they had to be tired and all that. And yet it was somewhat overwhelming – and I say that in all honesty – that they would take time out and call.”

Scully said Magic told him how much he was looking forward to working with him.

“He called to say that since he came here, he had listened to the ballgames and appreciated the work that I’ve done and looked forward together in years to come,” Scully said. “The same when Stan called. I didn’t know Stan well at all. I don’t know very many team presidents anyway. I don’t come in contact with them.

“But I would see Stan in passing and nod, say hi. It was very nice of him to call. It was basically the same thing. We’re excited and looking forward to working together, and looking forward to winning.”

Scully, who returns to the broadcast booth Tuesday when the Dodgers play host to the Angels at Dodger Stadium, said that from reading the newspapers, he had assumed Steve Cohen’s group was the favorite to buy the Dodgers and initially was surprised to hear Magic’s group had won out.

“At first I was amazed that they won, and then like everybody else, I was overwhelmed by the price that they paid,” Scully said.

“But at the same time it’s also encouraging, especially to the fans. Someone who invests that much money, you know they’re going to invest every ounce of energy to make it a go, to make it a winning team. So I think that’s probably the best thought to conclude after all the other maneuvering.”

Scully was preparing for his 63rd season with the Dodgers, regardless of who emerged as the team’s new owner.

“I really don’t know anyone well involved, so my feeling, to use the old cliche, ‘There’s a change of command and the good soldier soldiers on.’ ”

As does a wise new owner. Magic’s wisdom in reaching out to iconic Dodgers did not end with Scully. The next day, Magic tweeted he had called a certain legendary left-hander:

“Just spoke to legend & HOF Sandy Koufax. Thank you so much for taking the time to share some of your vast baseball knowledge.”


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When L.A. icons converge: Magic Johnson reaches out to Vin Scully