Pity the poor player not invited to the Dodgers’ soiree


The Dodgers win the posting on a South Korean pitcher for over $25.7 million who has never sniffed at a major-league game? They’re in on pair from Japan, closer Kyuji Fujikawa and highly-coveted 18-year-old prospect Shohei Otani?

Signed Cuban defector Yasiel Puig for $42 million? Took on a quarter of a billion in new salary … in August? They’re looking at Torii Hunter, Kevin Youkilis, Zach Greinke, Anibal Sanchez, Hiroki Kuroda and LeBron James?

Yeah, sure, why not? It’s a party! Everyone’s invited, though it should be remembered, just like every other major-team team, there is a final 25-man limit.


You’re nobody if the Dodgers aren’t reportedly checking you out. I could start a rumor right now that the Dodgers were looking at Albert Pujols, Ryan Braun and Miguel Cabrera and it would fly like it came from NASA.

Now there are two possible explanations for all this: 1) The Dodgers really are trying to build their very own fantasy team and looking at everyone; or 2) If you’re an agent you’d be dumber than dirt not to float that the big-spending Dodgers weren’t in on your guy.

Of course, it could be a little of both. Evidence suggests it is, but it still has to be difficult for any Dodgers fan who suffered through the team bankruptcy under Frank McCourt to adjust to the seemingly bottomless payroll of the Guggenheim group.

Suppose there could be worse things to adjust to, but it still feels a little like an out of body experience. Give it time. None of this guarantees postseason success (see: Dodgers, September 2012), but it would seem to beat the previously experienced alternative.

Meanwhile, did you hear the Dodgers are in on Aaron Rodgers?


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