Fox’s decision to sell Dodgers could cost it fortune in TV rights

Fox's decision to sell the Dodgers could cost it a lot of money.
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If only I’d bought that Apple stock 20 years ago or Oracle way back when. Or in the 10th grade told Sally Harris I was crazy about her, or actually taken that trip down the Amazon, or turned right instead of left.

Life’s full of “if-onlys” and “what-ifs” and there ain’t diddly you can do about it but let it go and move forward.

Which, naturally, brings us to News Corp.’s Fox Sports.

Back in 2004 it sold the Dodgers to Frank and Jamie McCourt for $430 million. Frank McCourt in turn, sent the team into bankruptcy and sold it for a cool $2.1 billion last May.


Ah, what could have been.

As The Times’ Joe Flint points out, Fox is now poised to spend billions just to keep the team’s television rights. It is approaching the end of its exclusive negotiating rights window, with Time Warner Cable waiting and ready to pounce.

It’s going to cost Fox a lot more to simply purchase the TV rights for the team than it got back from selling it eight years ago.

As Flint wrote: “Hindsight is always 20/20. When News Corp. owned the Dodgers, it was losing about $50 million a year on the team. Sports rights were only wildly out of control then and not completely insane as they are today.”

If you’re Fox, though, there is no time for regret. Only letting it go and moving forward as best you can. And Sally Harris was to die for.

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