Suck it up Dodgers fans: Time to give the Giants their due

And now to tip your cap to the Giants. Hey, come on now. You have to do it. No, really, you have to.

Saturday night, the Giants -- very quietly down in these parts -- clinched their second National League West title in three years.

They won it. Went out and absolutely seized it. No backing in, no hoping for help, no waiting for some team to fold.

So as much as you may despise everything black and orange, you have to respect that. I said, you have to respect that.


The Giants are currently in first place by 11 games over the Dodgers. This is a team that came into Dodger Stadium on Aug. 20 trailing the Dodgers by half a game in the NL West.

All they have done since then is go 23-8. All the Dodgers have done is go 11-19.

The Giants swept that three-game series and have never looked back. They have actually played better without Melky Cabrera, the league’s leading hitter.

They entered the stretch and played the way the Dodgers talked about playing, needed to play. The Giants have won 10 of their last 11 games.


They played as the kind of team the Dodgers waited to become and never did. You get credit for that, even when it’s painful.


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