Dodgers’ 2014 schedule released

The Dodgers will face the San Francisco Giants on April 4 in their home opener next season, according to a tentative 2014 schedule released on Tuesday morning by Major League Baseball.

As was previously reported, the Dodgers will open their season in Australia with a two-game series against the Arizona Diamondbacks on March 22-23. Because the Dodgers didn’t want to lose dates at Dodger Stadium, they used their leverage as the bigger draw and insisted the Diamondbacks be designated the home team in Australia.

The Dodgers will play their first regular-season games on American soil in San Diego on April 1-2.

The Dodgers will face teams from the American League Central in interleague play, starting with the Detroit Tigers at Dodger Stadium on April 8-9.

The Dodgers will also host the Chicago White Sox (June 2-4) and Cleveland Indians (June 30-July 2).


Their road schedule will include stops in Minnesota (April 29-May 1), Kansas City (June 23-25), and newly bankrupt Detroit (July 8-9).

The Freeway Series will be played from Aug. 4-7. The Dodgers will host the first two games and the Angels the last two.