Dodgers Dugout: Clayton Kershaw pitches Dodgers into the NLDS

Clayton Kershaw and Justin Turner celebrate the Dodgers' victory Thursday.
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Hi, and welcome to another edition of Dodgers Dugout. My name is Houston Mitchell and that’s the Clayton Kershaw we like to see in the playoffs.

Some random thoughts about Game 2, in no particular order:

—This Clayton Kershaw guy might have a future in this game. Where did he come from?

Most strikeouts by a Dodger in a postseason game:

15, Sandy Koufax, 1962 World Series Game 1, vs. Yankees

14, Carl Erskine, 1953 World Series Game 3, vs. Yankees

13, Clayton Kershaw, 2020 NLWC Game 2, vs. Brewers

12, Clayton Kershaw, 2013 NLDS Game 1, vs. Braves

11, Clayton Kershaw, 2017 World Series Game 4, vs. Astros

11, Clayton Kershaw, 2016 NLDS Game 4, vs. Nationals

11, Clayton Kershaw, 2015 NLDS Game 1, vs. Mets

11, Don Drysdale, 1965 World Series Game 4, vs. Twins

11, Don Newcombe, 1949 World Series Game 1, vs. Yankees

—It’s surprising to see Koufax only once on the above list. Of course, he didn’t have four rounds of playoff series to pitch in. It was World Series or nothing for him.


—Koufax pitched in only eight playoff games in his career. Kershaw has pitched in 33.

—I was really hoping the ESPN crew would be better for Game 2. They weren’t.

—My particular favorite was when one of them (they became interchangeable in my mind after a while) said: “Dave Roberts says he is really impressed with how hard Corey Seager has hit the ball all season. He said Seager uses his lower half like Juan Soto does.” Leaving many at home to wonder, “What does Juan Soto do?”

—I wonder what Brandon Woodruff‘s reaction was after he saw that pitch to Austin Barnes was indeed a ball, and the umpire got it right.

—It’s nice to see one Dodger, Mookie Betts, hit in the clutch.

—The Dodgers’ 3-4-5 hitters went 0 for 19 in the series, and they still swept the series.

—With all due respect, the Brewers wouldn’t have come within 10 miles of the playoffs if this had been a normal, non-pandemic season.

—The fact the Dodger offense struggled this much against Milwaukee worries me a bit. But I stick by my prediction that they will win it all.


—Dave Roberts was not happy about Justin Turner doing an interview while playing defense in Game 1, and has put a stop to it.

—Kudos to Austin Barnes, whose offense rebounded nicely this season and who drove in the first run in Game 2.

—Now we wait for the Padres or the Cardinals. Who would you like to see them face? Click here to vote.

—The NLDS will start Tuesday. Game time or channel has not been announced yet. All Dodgers games will be played in Arlington, Texas at the home of the Texas Rangers.

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