Dodgers release 2020 regular-season schedule

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts watches from the dugout steps during a game against the Pittsburgh Pirates on May 25 at PNC Park.
(Gene J. Puskar / Associated Press)

If by chance the Dodgers happen to have a World Series banner to raise at the beginning of next season, it looks like they will be doing so in front of their archrivals.

Major League Baseball released its 2020 schedules Monday. The Dodgers open at home against the San Francisco Giants on March 26, the date all 30 teams are scheduled to start their seasons. It’s the earliest start date in league history, other than international games.

The Dodgers will face the American League Central in interleague play, starting with a series at home against the Minnesota Twins on April 28 and 29. The Freeway Series will take place at Angel Stadium on July 10 and 11 and at Dodger Stadium on Aug. 25 and 26.

On the 25th anniversary of the most notorious work stoppage in sports, The Times takes a look a the impact the 1994 Major League Baseball strike had on the game, its players and its fans.


The regular season wraps up Sept. 25-27 with a series in San Diego.

The Dodgers’ 2020 schedule

March 26 San Francisco

March 28 San Francisco

March 29 San Francisco


March 30 Colorado

March 31 Colorado

April 1 Colorado

April 3 at San Francisco


April 4 at San Francisco

April 5 at San Francisco

April 6 at St. Louis

April 7 at St. Louis


April 8 at St. Louis

April 9 at St. Louis

April 10 Washington

April 11 Washington


April 12 Washington

April 14 St. Louis

April 15 St. Louis

April 16 St. Louis


April 17 Pittsburgh

April 18 Pittsburgh

April 19 Pittsburgh

April 21 at Washington


April 22 at Washington

April 23 at Washington

April 24 at Pittsburgh

April 25 at Pittsburgh


April 26 at Pittsburgh

April 28 Minnesota

April 29 Minnesota

May 1 at San Diego


May 2 at San Diego

May 3 at San Diego

May 4 Chicago Cubs

May 5 Chicago Cubs


May 6 Chicago Cubs

May 8 San Diego

May 9 San Diego

May 10 San Diego


May 12 at Philadelphia

May 13 at Philadelphia

May 14 at Philadelphia

May 15 at Kansas City


May 16 at Kansas City

May 17 at Kansas City

May 18 Philadelphia

May 19 Philadelphia


May 20 Philadelphia

May 22 Cleveland

May 23 Cleveland

May 24 Cleveland


May 25 at Colorado

May 26 at Colorado

May 27 at Colorado

May 28 at Colorado


May 29 at N.Y. Mets

May 30 at N.Y. Mets

May 31 at N.Y. Mets

June 1 Atlanta


June 2 Atlanta

June 3 Atlanta

June 4 Colorado

June 5 Colorado


June 6 Colorado

June 7 Colorado

June 9 at Cincinnati

June 10 at Cincinnati


June 11 at Cincinnati

June 12 at Atlanta

June 13 at Atlanta

June 14 at Atlanta


June 15 Arizona

June 16 Arizona

June 17 Arizona

June 18 Arizona


June 19 Detroit

June 20 Detroit

June 21 Detroit

June 22 at Arizona


June 23 at Arizona

June 24 at Arizona

June 26 at San Francisco

June 27 at San Francisco


June 28 at San Francisco

June 29 Cincinnati

June 30 Cincinnati

July 1 Cincinnati


July 2 Cincinnati

July 3 Miami

July 4 Miami

July 5 Miami


July 7 at San Diego

July 8 at San Diego

July 9 at San Diego

July 10 at L.A. Angels


July 11 at L.A. Angels

July 16 San Francisco

July 17 San Francisco

July 18 San Francisco


July 19 San Francisco

July 20 Milwaukee

July 21 Milwaukee

July 22 Milwaukee


July 24 at Miami

July 25 at Miami

July 26 at Miami

July 27 at Miami


July 28 at Minnesota

July 29 at Minnesota

July 30 at Arizona

July 31 at Arizona


Aug. 1 at Arizona

Aug. 2 at Arizona

Aug. 3 San Diego

Aug. 4 San Diego


Aug. 5 San Diego

Aug. 6 N.Y. Mets

Aug. 7 N.Y. Mets

Aug. 8 N.Y. Mets


Aug. 9 N.Y. Mets

Aug. 11 at San Francisco

Aug. 12 at San Francisco

Aug. 13 at San Francisco


Aug. 14 Arizona

Aug. 15 Arizona

Aug. 16 Arizona

Aug. 17 at Chicago Cubs


Aug. 18 at Chicago Cubs

Aug. 19 at Chicago Cubs

Aug. 20 at Chicago Cubs

Aug. 21 at Colorado


Aug. 22 at Colorado

Aug. 23 at Colorado

Aug. 25 L.A. Angels

Aug. 26 L.A. Angels


Aug. 27 San Diego

Aug. 28 San Diego

Aug. 29 San Diego

Aug. 30 San Diego


Sept. 1 at Arizona

Sept. 2 at Arizona

Sept. 4 at Milwaukee

Sept. 5 at Milwaukee


Sept. 6 at Milwaukee

Sept. 7 at Milwaukee

Sept. 8 at Chicago White Sox

Sept. 9 at Chicago White Sox


Sept. 10 at Chicago White Sox

Sept. 11 Arizona

Sept. 12 Arizona

Sept. 13 Arizona


Sept. 15 Colorado

Sept. 16 Colorado

Sept. 18 San Francisco

Sept. 19 San Francisco


Sept. 20 San Francisco

Sept. 22 at Colorado

Sept. 23 at Colorado

Sept. 24 at Colorado


Sept. 25 at San Diego

Sept. 26 at San Diego

Sept. 27 at San Diego