Dodgers cut full-timers’ pay up to 35% to avoid furloughs and layoffs

CEO Stan Kasten and other highly paid Dodgers employees will take pay cuts of up to 35% so the organization can avoid furloughs and layoffs.
Dodgers CEO and President Stan Kasten, shown in January.
(Gary Friedman / Los Angeles Times)

The Dodgers on Tuesday informed full-time employees that the organization would implement a tiered system of pay cuts starting June 1 to avoid furloughs and layoffs as the organization proceeded without generating its usual revenue during the coronavirus pandemic.

Every employee making at least $75,000 a year will experience a pay cut, with reductions ranging up to 35%. The bigger the salary, the bigger the pay cut. Employees making less than $75,000 a year will not be affected.

A Dodgers spokesman declined to disclose how much money the organization will save with the cuts. The number of people impacted is also unknown.


“Over the last several weeks, we have considered every way to better withstand the challenges presented by the virus,” the Dodgers said in a statement. “Today – while we remain very hopeful that there will be a 2020 season — we are implementing a number of measures to reduce our costs. We remain ready to play as soon as that becomes feasible.”

Last month, the Dodgers, following most other teams around the league, committed to paying its non-playing employees through May 31. Teams weren’t obligated to make those pledges after MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred announced he had suspended uniform employee contracts starting May 1, giving franchises the latitude to impose furloughs, layoffs or pay cuts.

The Dodgers previously announced a financial assistance package totaling $1.3 million for game-day workers. Each worker was to receive a one-time payment of $350, $600 or $750, depending on service time and whether the worker was employed by a third-party contractor.