Justin Turner pranks Dave Roberts and his Dodgers teammates with ‘I’m Busy’ challenge

Los Angeles Dodgers' Justin Turner smiles during a workout Sept. 29 at Dodger Stadium.
Justin Turner during a workout in September.
(Chris Pizzello / Associated Press)

Justin Turner is busy right now.

But the Dodgers third baseman had time to pull a classic prank on manager Dave Roberts and several other members of the team.

Perhaps you’re familiar with the gag often referred to as the “I’m Busy” challenge on TikTok? It involves someone calling their friends but immediately stating they’re too busy to talk, as if the friends were the ones who placed the call.

If it sounds confusing, don’t worry. Turner gives a master class on how the challenge works in a video posted to YouTube by the Dodgers.


The reactions he received were priceless. Roberts was utterly confused.

Roberts (answering Turner’s call): “My man! What’s happening?”

Turner: “Hey, dude, if it’s not that important let’s just talk about it tomorrow. I’m kind of busy right now.”

Roberts (after a pause): “Huh?”

Turner: “Whatever it is, can we just talk about it tomorrow? I’ve got somewhere I gotta go.”


Roberts (pauses again, looks away briefly): “JT, you just called me, my man. I’m sipping on some wine. I don’t know what the heck you’re talking about.”

Turner: “No, we’ll talk about it tomorrow. I don’t have time to talk right now. You just caught me at a bad time.”

Roberts (yelling slightly): “What do you want to talk about?”

Turner hangs up.

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March 26, 2021

Relief pitcher Joe Kelly seemed equally befuddled.

Turner: “Hey, now’s not a great time. Can I call you back in a couple minutes?”

Kelly: “Did you? I? Did you try to call me?”

Turner: “Huh?”

Kelly: “Did you try to call me?”

Turner: “Did you call me?”

Kelly: “I didn’t call ... Oh! Is it a butt call? I didn’t try to call you.”

Many of Turner’s teammates — closer Kenley Jansen, shortstop Corey Seager, second baseman Gavin Lux and first baseman Max Muncy — didn’t give a second thought as to why the third baseman would call then immediately say he’s too busy to talk.

Pitcher Clayton Kershaw asked, “Is this a Bieber thing?” Not sure exactly what he meant by that, but he might have known what was going on.

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March 26, 2021

Others seemed to figure it out as well. Pitcher Walker Buehler and utility player Chris Taylor laughed. Catcher Will Smith rolled his eyes and responded, “All right, yeah, good one, man.”

Outfielder Cody Bellinger left absolutely no doubt he knew what Turner was up to.

Bellinger (answering Turner’s call): “What’s up, baby?”

Turner: “Yo, let me call you tomorrow, dude.”

Bellinger (laughing): “Shut the f— up! I know what you’re doing.”

Turner: “What are you talking about, Bopper? I’ll call you tomorrow. Don’t call me on my day off.”

Bellinger (laughing even harder and yelling): “I know what you’re doing! I know what you’re doing!”