Next on MLB fashion agenda: WWE championship belts for each team

A Dodgers wrestling belt.
WWE created title belts for the Dodgers last fall, when they won the World Series. Now fans can buy belts for every team, champions or not.
(Courtesy of WWE and MLB)

This turns out to be a big day in the world of Dodgers fashion. If a “Los Dodgers” cap or jersey does not interest you, how about a Dodgers championship wrestling belt?

WWE created title belts for the Dodgers last fall, in honor of their World Series championship. In 2016, outfielder Josh Reddick introduced a title belt to the Dodgers clubhouse, presenting it to each day’s player of the game (Chase Utley for one, in this photograph from the 2016 playoffs).

Fans could not buy those belts. But now, in what WWE says is its first belt licensing agreement with a major U.S. sports league, WWE and MLB will sell title belts for each major league team — no championship necessary.


The Dodgers unveiled their Nike City Connect jerseys that they will wear Friday against the New York Mets.

Aug. 19, 2021

“We often see baseball fans and players bringing their MLB and WWE fandom together at games and online, so this is a natural development for us to work together,” Denis Nolan, MLB senior vice president for global consumer products, said in a statement.

The belts will be available to fans starting next season, WWE and MLB said Thursday.

WWE and MLB also will design belts for special events, including the 2022 All-Star game at Dodger Stadium.

A Washington Nationals wrestling belt.
A Washington Nationals belt. The belts will be available starting next season.
(Courtesy of WWE and MLB)