Want to go to the MLB All-Star game at Dodger Stadium? Tickets aren’t cheap

A high-up view of the Dodger Stadium diamond.
Tickets for the MLB All-Star game and home run derby at Dodger Stadium in July could put you back some. Prices range from $622 to almost $12,000.
(Jack Harris / Los Angeles Times)

For the first time since 1980, the All-Star game is headed to Dodger Stadium.

And with the Dodgers as the perennial league leaders in attendance, season-ticket holders already have spoken for many of the seats at Dodger Stadium.

That combination of supply and demand — limited supply and pent-up demand — is reflected in the price of available tickets for the July 19 game.

Despite Dodgers’ fragile pitching depth, Dave Roberts allowed Tyler Anderson to throw 123 pitches in a failed effort to finish a no-hitter against the Angels.

June 16, 2022


When the Dodgers emailed fans Thursday to let them know tickets were on sale, a click revealed these prices: $622 to $722 for seats primarily on the reserve level or in the outfield pavilions.

Available tickets for the July 18 home run derby were priced from $497 to $522 for seats primarily on the reserve level or in the top deck.

The Dodgers’ email also referred fans to the StubHub resale market, where a wider selection of tickets is available. As of Thursday, the prices there ranged from $300 to $7,000 for the home run derby and from $415 to $11,950 for the All-Star game.

For those highest-priced seats, four tickets — adding fees — would come to $54,974.95, including a “fulfillment fee” of $4.95.