USC freshman Ceyair Wright is on the big screen in ‘Space Jam: A New Legacy’

Actor Ceyair Wright is all smiles
Freshman defensive back Ceyair Wright, who co-stars in “Space Jam: A New Legacy,” said he wanted to play football for USC because the coach also would allow him to pursue his love of acting.
(Mike Quain)

“It was pretty cool.”

So says football standout, actor and soon-to-be teenage heartthrob Ceyair Wright about playing the film role of LeBron James’ eldest son in the film “Space Jam: A New Legacy,” which will be released next week. Wright is a freshman defensive back at USC.

Shooting was completed more than a year ago when Wright was a junior defensive back at Loyola. He was modeling at age 5 and working in commercials by age 9, and one of the reasons he chose USC was the opportunity to keep studying football and acting and pursuing both passions. Coach Clay Helton assured him he’d have the chance.

“When I was in the recruiting process, that was one thing I was looking for,” Wright said. “Who was going to accommodate that? Coach Helton said we have a lot of two-sport athletes and know that acting is something you’re passionate about and could use as a second sport for opportunities.”


Loyola football star Ceyair Wright focuses his attention on acting as well as school and sports, saying the multitasking helps him excel.

Feb. 27, 2021

In his film role, Wright is good in basketball like his father, James, though football has been his primary sport through the years. Wright said he had never met James before the filming and ended up admiring him for the way he handled his job and the words of wisdom he offered.

“He is a great person,” Wright said last February. “Before I met him and built a relationship, I would see people talking bad and didn’t pay attention. Now I know the type of person he is, I take offense. I can’t fathom people talking bad about him. He’s extremely down to earth, caring and nice. I’m ready to defend him.”

Wright had to make the tough decision last spring whether to play football for Loyola and risk injury or opt out and prepare for USC. He chose playing for the Cubs, who went 5-0.

“Definitely it was a great decision to play,” he said. “I was really happy. I feel it was one of our best teams. It sucks it was such a short season. I figured I had been there for three years and I wasn’t going to skip out on my fourth.”

As for the new movie, Wright said, “It’s a family film. It’s about family bonding. Hopefully it can strengthen relationships and things they need to do with their kids.”