Boys’ basketball: Lucas Siewert vs. Bennie Boatwright


6-10 junior can shoot

Only in 2014 could anyone be dreaming about a three-point shooting contest between two high school basketball players who are 6 feet 10. That’s how much the game has changed.

But that’s what I was thinking about on Monday afternoon after visiting L.A. Cathedral and seeing 6-10 junior Lucas Siewert shoot three-pointers with the ease of making a free throw.

“I’ve seen him make 20 in a row,” Coach William Middlebrooks said.

It got me thinking: What about a three-point shooting contest between Siewert and 6-10 senior Bennie Boatwright of Sun Valley Village Christian?


Boatwright, committed to USC, is considered as good as it gets for shooting from long range for his height.

“Bennie is probably the best perimeter wing shooter for his size in the country,” Village Christian Coach Jon Shaw said.

Well, I think Boatwright ought to face Siewert in a halftime contest when the two teams play at East Los Angeles College on Jan. 24.

They’re both outstanding shooters. Of course, their teams will need them to rebound and score from inside this coming season, but when either fires up a three, beware.


Boatwright made 85 threes last season. Siewert made 39.

It’s going to be bombs away.