Football: End of summer fun for Crespi players

Crespi has a survival competitio

It's 6:15 a.m. on Friday morning, the final day of summer workouts for Crespi football players. Forty-eight players have been separated in two-man teams that they've named themselves.

There's Beanie Boyz; Trump 'Em All; Pokemon Go I Go to Camps; Team America; Power Rangers; Schlopir; Yacht Club; Globo Gym. They're dressed in strange outfits. And they're ready to compete on Celt-Vival Day.


There's a chicken fight with one player lifting up another on his neck; a human wheel barrel competition; a water filling competition; a push-up competition; a spelling bee on spelling players' names correctly; an obstacle course featuring a slip-N-slide.

It's all designed to help players develop trust among each other, have some fun and begin to understand what "team" really means.

There's laughter, smiles, celebration, triumph and lots of wet teenagers, though the hot temperature means no one cares.

In an era where too many people have forgotten about the way sports used to be played _ playing with your friends on the neighborhood street having fun _ this was a throwback and a great way to prepare for a long season ahead.

It's a lesson others need to follow. Sometimes it's best to leave the passing drills behind in favor of letting everyone be kids again.

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