Ducks cut prices for some season tickets

The Ducks announced Tuesday they will not increase season-ticket prices for next season and that 40% of their season-ticket holders will get price reductions. The combined average reduction on season-ticket prices for 2012-13 will be 4.8%, with decreases ranging from 2% to 35%.

The Ducks' average ticket this season cost $45.68, below the NHL average of $57.39. The Kings recently announced season-ticket price increases they said will average 9% for those who renew before the March 24 deadline and 11% for those who renew after the deadline or are new buyers.

The Ducks will cut prices for Terrace Main East seats from $34 to $22, Terrace Main West from $34 to $24 and Terrace Lower East from $40 to $35. The club will also institute a benefit program for fans who purchase season tickets.

"Our goal each year remains the same — to provide an entertaining experience to our customers at affordable prices," Tim Ryan, the club's executive vice president and chief operating officer, said in a statement. "Fans have the opportunity to see a full season of Ducks hockey starting at just $12 per game."

Single game prices will be announced later.

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