The Times' top 25 college football rankings

The top four — plus one — from last week stay the same. Texas Christian and Utah got through close games; Clemson and Baylor held steady with impressive victories. Florida moves up five spots after its big win at Missouri, but lost quarterback Will Grier to a performance-enhancing-drug suspension just in time for the Gators' trip to Baton Rouge, La. Do NOT expect to see Florida in its No. 8 position next week. Michigan continues to rise under first-year coach Jim Harbaugh.

1. Texas Christian 6-0; Boykin is new Heisman leader unless anyone at LSU objects. (1)


2. Utah 5-0; Thirty points off six turnovers would be more impressive in basketball. (2)

3. Clemson 5-0; Coach doesn't like the word "Clemsoning." Others don't care for word "Dabo." (3)

4. Baylor 5-0; Football/ basketball seasons both start in November this year. (4)

5. Ohio State 6-0; Coach Meyer contemplating a new quarterback just for second-down-and-six. (5)

6. Louisiana State 5-0; Ready for Florida no matter how many quarterbacks the Gators have left. (7)

7. Florida 6-0; Players assured "Gatorade" is not a banned substance by NCAA. (13)

8. Michigan State 6-0; Overheard after narrow escape from Rutgers: "They went Piscataway." (6)

9. Notre Dame 5-1; Game plan for USC 10 years later: "The Bush Push… Back." (9)

10. Alabama 5-1; During the season, Saban never wakes up on right side of bed. (8)

11. Michigan 5-1; Rankman doesn't remember Denny McLain ever pitching three straight shutouts. (18)

12. Stanford 4-1; Team is purring like a well-oiled Internet search engine. (12)

13. Florida State 5-0; Seminoles say Miami played very hard and deserves to remain Division I. (14)

14. Texas A&M 5-0; Coach Sumlin needs win over Alabama to impress USC search committee. (16)

15. UCLA 4-1; No kid currently in kindergarten was alive last time Bruins defeated Stanford. (17)


16. Mississippi 5-1; It's huge that huge offensive tackle Tunsil (6-5, 315) cleared to play Oct. 24. (19)

17. Boise State 5-1; Former Mountain West big shots TCU and Utah never bother to call or write. (21)

18. Toledo 5-0; Four directional opponents left on schedule, starting with Eastern Michigan. (23)

19. Oklahoma State 6-0; Sorry, Rankman out plowing back 40; late to Cowpokes' party. (NR)

20. Temple 5-0; World population only 4 billion last time Owls were 5-0, in 1974. (24)

21. Iowa 6-0; NCAA should investigate how Coach Ferentz has lasted 16 seasons. (25)

22. California 5-1; Quarterback's five interceptions vs. Utah now in video called "Goff's Gaffes." (22)

23. Northwestern 5-1; Michigan loss reset: "In the end, we're really an academic school." (11)

24. Memphis 5-0; Party in Elvis' "Jungle Room" if Tigers beat Ole Miss. (NR)

25. Houston 5-0; Rankman hasn't been this excited about a Houston since Angelica. (NR)

Dropped out: Oklahoma (10), USC (15), Georgia (20).

Moved in: Oklahoma State, Memphis, Houston.

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