Young Sammy Sosa
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Sammy Sosa through the years

Young Sammy Sosa
A young Sammy Sosa broke into the majors in 1989 with the Texas Rangers. (Associated Press)
Sammy Sosa with the White Sox
Sosa played two-plus seasons with the White Sox before they traded him to the Cubs in 1992 for slugger George Bell. Here he is in the 1990 season at old Comiskey Park. (Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Sammy Sosa hugs Mark McGwire
Sosa and Mark McGwire rejuvenated baseball in the summer of 1998 with their race towards Roger Maris’ single-season home run record. McGwire passed Maris’ 61 first, but fittingly it was against Sosa’s Cubs. Sosa was there to congratulate McGwire after hitting No. 62 on Sept. 8, 1998. (Tribune photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo)
Sammy Sosa, loved by Cubs fans
Sosa was more than a beloved player during his time with the Cubs. He was the Cubs. (Tribune photo by John Lee)
Sammy Sosa is carried off the field
Teammates carry Sosa off the field after he hit is 61st and 62nd home runs in a victory over the Milwaukee Brewers on Sept. 13, 1998. (Tribune photo by Phil Velasquez)
Sammy Sosa returns to his hometown
Sosa arrives in his hometown of San Pedro de Macoris in the Dominican Republic to a hero’s welcome following the 1998 season. (AP Photo/Lynne Sladky)
Sosa launches No. 64, 2001
Sosa goes into his signature hop after knocking out his 64th home run on the final day of the 2001 season in -- what else? -- a Cubs loss. He is the only player to hit 60 or more home runs three times. (Tribune photo by Phil Velasquez)
Sammy Sosa with an American flag
When baseball resumed after the September 11 attacks, Sosa carried a tiny American flag around the bases after hitting a home run against the Houston Astros on Sept. 27, 2001. (Tribune photo by James Prisching)
Sammy Sosa and his son
Sosa and his son, Sammy Jr., head to the batting cage before Game 4 of the 2003 NLCS, a series the Cubs would eventually lose in seven games to the Florida Marlins. (PHIL VELASQUEZ, CHICAGO TRIBUNE)
Sammy Sosa, corked bat
Sosa breaks his bat June 3, 2003, in a game against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, exposing an illegal corked center. He was thrown out of the game and suspended eight games. He denied he used the bat on purpose, but rather that he unknowingly grabbed the bat he normally used during batting practice to put on a show for the fans. (Tribune photo by Charles Cherney)
Sammy Sosa-Salomon Torres
Sosa’s recoils as a fastball from the Pirates’ Salomon Torres nails him in the head, April 20, 2003. (AP Photo/Mike Longo)
A fan gives it to Sosa
Sosa returned from his suspension just in time for the Cubs-White Sox series. (Tribune photo by Bonnie Trafelet)
Sammy Sosa celebrates the 2003 division title
Sosa sprays champagne into the right-field bleachers after the Cubs clinched the NL Central with a victory over the Pittsburgh Pirates, Sept. 27, 2003. (Tribune photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo)
Sosa hits No. 500
Sosa acknowledges the crowd after hitting his 500th home run, April 4, 2003 in Cincinnati. (Tribune photo by Phil Velasquez)
Sammy Sosa at the State of the Union
Sosa was everywhere following the 1998 season -- in commercials, on cereal boxes and at the State of the Union Address next to First Lady Hillary Clinton and Tipper Gore on Jan. 19, 1999. (Knight Ridder Tribune)
Sammy Sosa, the Oriole
But during the 2004 season, Sosa fell out of favor with the Cubs and their fans after leaving Wrigley Field early on the final day of the season. The team traded the former icon to Baltimore, where he hit .221 and only 14 home runs in 2005. (AP Photo/James A. Finley)
Sammy Sosa testifies before Congress
A long way from the summer of 1998 lovefest, Sosa is sworn in before a Congressional hearing on steroids on March 17, 2005. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)
Sammy Sosa, 2007
After a disappointing 2005 season with the Baltimore Orioles and sitting out the 2006 season, Sosa signed a minor-league deal in January 2007 with the Texas Rangers, his original team. In his first trip to Chicago after leaving the Cubs, Sosa doubled and homered against the White Sox at U.S. Cellular Field. Later that season he hit his 600th career home run against the Cubs. (Tribune photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo)