President Obama, Johnny Bench and others react to the death of Yogi Berra

Johnny Bench

Former Cincinnati Red Johnny Bench greats players before ceremonies honoring Tony Perez before the Reds play the Arizona Diamondbacks on Aug. 22.

(Tom Uhlman / AP)

“Yogi sent me a telegram when I hit a HR to pass him: ‘I knew my record would stand until it was broken.’ ”

Johnny Bench, Hall of Fame catcher

“Though slight in stature, he was a giant in the most significant of ways through his service to his country, compassion for others and genuine enthusiasm for the game he loved. He has always been a role model and hero that America could look up to.”

Hal Steinbrenner, New York Yankees owner


“Yogi Berra was an American original — a Hall of Famer and humble veteran; prolific jokester and jovial prophet. He epitomized what it meant to be a sportsman and a citizen, with a big heart, competitive spirit, and a selfless desire to open baseball to everyone, no matter their background.”

President Obama

“Yogi Berra’s character, talent, courage, extraordinary experiences and inimitable way with words made him a universally beloved figure in baseball and beyond.”

Rob Manfred, commissioner of baseball


“We’ve lost Yogi, but we will always have what he left for us: the memories of a lifetime filled with greatness, humility, integrity and a whole bunch of smiles.”

Joe Torre, MLB executive, former player and manager

“He joined the Navy at 18, was married to his beloved wife, Carmen, for 65 years, and had more fun with the English language than any player in history.”

Jeff Idelson, president, National Baseball Hall of Fame

“To those who didn’t know Yogi personally, he was one of the greatest baseball players and Yankees of all time. To those lucky ones who did, he was an even better person.”

Derek Jeter, retired New York Yankees shortstop

“It wasn’t just baseball that drove him. He was a great humanitarian, he went to fight for the [military]. A very humble man for accomplishing probably more than anybody who ever played the game when you think about the World Series appearances, World Series titles, managing a team to the World Series. And when you got a chance to talk to him, it was like you were talking to your next-door neighbor. He was so down to earth.”

Mike Scioscia, Angels manager


“Just a beautiful person all the way around. His numbers are incredible when you really look at them, but his presence and how he dealt with people was really the biggest thing. He made a lot of people smile.”

Robin Ventura, Chicago White Sox manager

“Sad night for the baseball world to lose such a great representation of the game we all love.”

Justin Turner, Dodgers infielder

“I haven’t heard ever one word from anybody that was derogatory toward him. He was loved by everyone.”

Don Cooper, Chicago White Sox pitching coach

“I choose to believe his last words were a doozy.”

Brandon McCarthy, injured Dodgers pitcher


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