Garrett Reynolds remains unbeaten in BMX Freestyle Street

The BMX Freestyle Street competition has been an X Games mainstay for four years. Its first year, Garrett Reynolds won the gold medal. Reynolds did it again Sunday. He also happened to claim the two golds in between.

So, as the only BMX Street gold medalist in X Games history, has the top prize lost its allure to Reynolds? Apparently, a little bit.

“It’s kind of like whatever for me,” he said. “I just went out and had fun, wasn’t really stressing it. So it doesn’t feel much different.”

Dennis Enarson successfully defended his silver medal, just as he did in the BMX Park competition Saturday.

“Every time I don’t even know I’m in second until the very end,” Enarson said. “It’s just me and five of my best friends out there having fun.”


Reynolds had the most fun, putting together back-to-back runs worth 46 points to relegate his third run unnecessary. Instead, he landed one trick and cruised to a stop while Enarson tossed his bike onto the concrete plaza in recognition of Reynolds’ dominance. Bronze medalist Dakota Roche chased after Reynolds to be the first to congratulate the champion.

“I walked out on the course with my hands up and probably just looked like a goon,” Roche said. “These are the kind of vibes that are going down on the course. You’re so psyched when one of your friends lands something.”

Roche’s cumulative score of 84 fell just short of Enarson’s 85. The two each tallied a run of 44, the highest runs of the day by someone other than Reynolds.

Reynolds didn’t even need his top score to win the title, as he notched a 47-point run in the elimination round.

Jeremiah Smith and Ty Morrow rounded out the final field, as the five riders utilized a course complete with an uncompleted construction site, five sets of stairs and countless ramps. They tried to one-up each other for 15 minutes, taking 45-second turns.