Nick Young does his part in Clippers debut


Nick Young couldn’t stop smiling.

He made his Clippers debut Sunday against the Detroit Pistons, doing his share to help L.A. win in overtime.

Young, acquired from the Washington Wizards on Thursday, scored nine points. He missed five of his six shots, and his only three-point attempt. But Young was seven for eight from the free-throw line.

“It was tough because of going into overtime,” Young said. “My back is a little sore right now. It was all good.”


Young had a steal in the overtime that led to two free throws, which he made for a 76-74 Clippers lead.

“You’ve just got to play your part,” Young said. “That was my first game. I didn’t want to lose that one.”

Trying to fit in players

It has been a season of moving parts for the Clippers, a season in which Coach Vinny Del Negro has been forced to incorporate different players during the course of the season.

In the process of all this, Del Negro has tried to find a way to make his team a cohesive unit.

With the trade of Young, Del Negro has yet another new player he has to fit in with the rest of the team.

“It’s not easy,” Del Negro said. “I’m not pleased with our record in the last 20 games. So, it hasn’t been easy. We have to do a better job incorporating and getting a feel for guys. And that’s tough. But that’s just the situation that we’re in.”

Besides Young, the Clippers have added Reggie Evans, Solomon Jones (since waived), Courtney Fortson (since waived), Kenyon Martin and Bobby Simmons.

“Looks like every month you’re forced to add someone new,” Blake Griffin said. “I don’t want to say it disrupts things, but it definitely changes things when you’re not used to playing with guys. A guy like Nick, he’s been in L.A. for two days now. But he did a great job. The thing is, if you come in and play hard, it can kind of erase or make up for some of those mistakes we have by being a little bit new.”

Simmons not signed for rest of season

Simmons, who signed two 10-day contracts with the Clippers, was told he wouldn’t be signed after his contract expired Sunday.

The Clippers did inform Simmons that they will reevaluate things after they return from a three-game trip on Friday.

Simmons averaged 3.8 points and 2.8 rebounds in his first seven games.

He didn’t score Sunday against the Pistons.

“I think it’s a possibility I could be back,” he said. “They have to see how it goes with the team. It’s up to the owner [Donald Sterling], I guess, if he wants to pay for me to be here the rest of the year. But I’m willing to help any team right now.”