Watch the trick play that might have saved Andy Reid’s job

Andy Reid should be fired. The Eagles have given up on their longtime head coach. They’re all just phoning it in.

Really? Fire the guy that called this play? Check out the video above.

The Eagles trailed the New Orleans Saints by 15 points late in the third quarter of their “Monday Night Football” game, when Brandon Boykin received a kickoff in the end zone. Instead of taking a knee for a touchback or running it back himself, Boykin surprised everyone by throwing the ball to teammate Riley Cooper, who popped up on the other side of the end zone after lying down and hiding in the Saints’ logo.

Riley caught the ball and took off down the sideline for an apparent touchdown that would have put the Eagles right back in the game. Unfortunately, for the Eagles Boykin’s throw was not a lateral but an illegal forward pass so the touchdown was called back.


It’s really too bad for the Eagles and their fans. For just a second or two, an element of fun was added to a season that has been anything but for those guys.

Plus, the score would have put the Eagles right back in the game -- and a play like that would surely give them the momentum. It even could have been a season-changer. A win against the Saints would have put Philadelphia at .500 and just 1 1/2 games out of the NFC West lead.

Instead, the Eagles lost the game, 28-13, dropped to 5-8 and further ignited the flames under Reid’s already hot seat.

Philadelphia fans may be calling for Reid’s head, but would a coach and team that have thrown in the towel on the season tried to have pulled such an amazing trick play?


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