Gisele Bundchen likes Tom Brady’s scarred nose -- do you? [Poll]

Tom Brady is often referred to as a pretty boy, and for a pro football player that’s not always a compliment.

Still that pretty face of his may have helped the New England Patriots quarterback land his supermodel wife, Gisele Bundchen.

Anyone who was worried that Tennessee’s Kamerion Wimbley messed everything up by giving Brady what may or may not be a broken nose during a sack Sunday can rest at ease. Brady says his wife is actually fond of his newly scarred facial feature.

“Yeah, it’s OK,” Brady said of his nose during a 12-minute media session Wednesday. “My wife likes it, so I’m good.”


Earlier in the week, Brady said in a radio interview that he wouldn’t mind a scar on his face either.

“I need some of that. ... Some scars,” said Brady, possibly thinking it might keep Randy Moss from  making fun of him again when the Patriots play the San Francisco 49ers on Dec. 16.

So since Brady and his wife are happy with his new look,  we should be happy, too. Right?

Or are there some people out there distraught that the fresh-faced, boy next door we’ve grown to love may never be seen again?


Which side are you on? Vote in our all-important poll, then leave a comment explaining yourself.


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