Tiger Woods battles hotel bed at start of FedEx Cup playoffs

Tiger Woods doesn't like all hotel beds.
(Reena Rose Sibayan / Associated Press)

It has become an all-too-familiar sight this summer, Tiger Woods grabbing his back or grimacing as he hits from the deep rough, pestered by a series of minor but troublesome injuries.

Now comes another problem -- his hotel bed.

At the Barclays, the first stop in the FedEx Cup playoffs, Woods limited himself during the tournament’s pro-am event, complaining of soreness in his neck and back.

“It was stiff this morning after a soft bed,” he said. “Just one of those things, sleeping in hotels and I didn’t want to push it, so just took it easy and chipped and putted.”


Asked if he might try to get the bed in his room replaced, he answered: “What do you think?”

Woods begins the playoffs with a healthy lead in the standings, but the FedEx system is structured so that everyone else can make up ground quickly. The points will be reset for the final tournament, the Tour Championship, giving everyone in the field of 30 a chance to snatch the title.

Woods acknowledged that, sore back or not, he must play well over the next few weeks to secure his third Cup in seven years.

“Theoretically, you can win every tournament of the year and not be the FedEx champion,” he said.


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