Mets’ Daniel Murphy ripped by Mike Francesa for taking paternity leave

Daniel Murphy
(Jeff Roberson / Associated Press)

Radio host Mike Francesa, who apparently is stuck in a time warp and hasn’t moved into the 21st century with the rest of humanity, is mad at New York Mets second baseman Daniel Murphy. Why? Because Murphy has taken three days off to be with his wife during and after the birth of their first child.

In Major League Baseball, a player is allowed to miss three days for paternity leave. That way he can bond with the new baby, take care of his wife and generally do what any decent husband/father does when possible.

Francesa, who has three kids of his own, blasted Murphy on his New York radio show Wednesday, saying:


“I don’t know why you need three days off, I’m going to be honest. You see the birth and you get back. What do you do in the first couple days? Maybe you take care of the other kids. Well, you gotta have someone to do that if you’re a Major League Baseball player. I’m sorry, but you do. Your wife doesn’t need your help the first couple days, you know that.”

Your wife doesn’t need you the first couple days after giving birth? This leaves two possibilities: Francesa is trying to be controversial to increase ratings, or Francesa is a complete idiot when it comes to this matter.

Francesa took a few calls defending Murphy, then said:

“What are you going to do? I mean you are going to sit there and look at your wife in a hospital bed for two days? Your wife doesn’t need your help the first couple of days; you know that you’re not doing much the first couple days with the baby that was just born.”

Some guys just don’t get it.


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