Celebrating 75 years of the Lakers

With the Lakers celebrating their 75th anniversary this season, The Times looks back at the people and moments that made the team one of the most successful franchises in sports.


With the Lakers celebrating its 75th year as a professional basketball franchise, here are 75 things to know about one of the NBA’s most successful teams.

Towering over his opponents, Minneapolis Lakers star George Mikan was one of the greatest scorers of his day.

Laker superstars of a bygone era, Jerry West and Elgin Baylor went their own ways, but their lives continue to intertwine.

He’s still here. He still lives among us. He’s in our daily struggles. He’s in our personal triumphs. He’s in our last-second defensive stops or buzzer-beating shots or wherever we require that Mamba Mentality. Even amid a pandemic in which nobody is supposed to be anywhere, Kobe is everywhere.

His last name is printed on jerseys that have become the city’s unofficial uniform. His first name is in chants that suddenly break out among socially distanced friends. His face is on city murals that have become drive-by tourist attractions.